This Returns Policy regulates the conditions and circumstances in which goods will be accepted for return and refund.

It also explains the process you need to follow in order to properly cancel a purchase, report a defect and/or arrange for a return.

You are not entitled to any refund, repair or replacement save to the extent that it is expressly provided for under this Refund Policy.

Your right to return non-defective products

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase after receiving the Product, you may return it to Le Crayon within 7 (seven) days of receipt, without reason and without penalty, in order to obtain a full purchase price refund, in accordance with the return procedure set out in clause 4 below Non-Defective Products that are returned will need to be in its original, intact and undamaged packaging without the seal broken in any way.

Your right to return defective products

Subject to the provisions of clause 2 above, goods may be returned only when defective, damaged, or if the goods supplied are not the same as originally ordered.

All such goods will generally be referred to as “defective”.

Such defective goods may be returned to Le Crayon within 21 (Twenty-one) days of delivery, without penalty, in accordance with the return procedure set out in clause 5 below.

In order for a Product to be deemed defective you will need to state the proper reason for the return, and include an explanation of the alleged defect, together with pictures as proof.

You must report any defect in the product as soon as it is discovered.

In cases where the return is as a result of the incorrect product being delivered on the part, this must be reported within 24 (twenty-four) hours after delivery.

Cartridges: If a cartridge is returned after the 7 days, it needs to be in the original packaging and a handling charge of 20% will be levied.

Returns procedure to be followed

Email your complaint to and include the following in your email.

Your personal details The reason for the return Attach a picture/s showing the defected product or your allergic reaction Specify how you would like to be refunded.


We will arrange with you to collect your returned Product from the address you supplied within 7(Seven) days


Within 14 (fourteen) working days of the refund for the returned Product having been approved by Le Crayon, the money will be refunded, unless you have specified that you would like a replacement product.


When all of the Returns Policy conditions have been met, your agreement of purchase will be deemed to have been cancelled on the date that the returned items are received by Le Crayon.

A failure to comply with the returns procedure will automatically result in any refund being declined.

Any and all returns are subject to final authorisation and confirmation by Le Crayon and all returns must be pre-approved by Le Crayon It will be appreciated that the provisions of this Returns Policy pertain to matters of pure financial-loss.

Such matters are to be addressed directly to our Legal Division.

Nothing in this Returns Policy or the Terms of Service in general, in any way limits your rights in terms of Sections 55 and 56 of the Consumer Protection Act or Section 44 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002 (where applicable).